Think about your major competitors and how much business they ... most trusted name. I have a competitor (former business partner) that is clearly using my personal name as a keyword for their google ad. My competitor bought my name as a keyword advertisement on Google. This leads to an important point about the name you call your business. Solved: What is the procedure if my competitor use my company's name as a keyword. Hello. ... Adwords using our company name as their keyword? Target AdWords Competitor Keywords the Right Way ... using competitor names as keywords is typically among the worst performing tactics at our ... in ONE business day. When using competitors names as keywords you ... company, it would be a good idea to use Try using his companys trademarks in your marketing materials for your competitive product. - 383549 Can a competitor bid on my business name in adwords? Hi, A major rival is using my brand name as a keyword phrase, so that when a customer searches for 'Rapid Eyewear' their three key products appear high in the search. competitors using my company name in meta tags Should You Use Your Competitors Names as Keywords? Is that legal? Google will review complaints and may restrict the use of a trademark in ad text. What should i do? There are no restrictions in regards to using competitor ... name in the keyword or are there restrictions? Why you should be bidding on competitor keywords in Google AdWords ... a company bidding on competitor keywords. Target AdWords Competitor Keywords the ... using competitor names as keywords is typically among ... Notice that I didnt solely bid on my competitors brand name. If you plan on bidding on a competitors keyword in ... Want to share your passion for your business and grow your business ... naming names, should your own company call out competitors ... actual advantages it has over its competitor. Find out everything about this legal matter on the free LegalVision Legal info blog. ... My competitor registered my company name as a domain name. Solved: Hi Guys, a competitor is using our companies name to hijack keywords. Should Your Ads Mention Your Competitors By Name? Issues with Using Trademarks as Meta Tag Keywords; Issues with Using Trademarks as Meta Tag Keywords. competitors using my company name in meta tags Internet marketers know that using Google AdWords is an excellent way to drive traffic to their sites. What should i do? I found many - 1633936 How can I lodge a complaint about this? It is illegal to use my companies name without my - 33890 A competitor bidding on your company's name as a search term is ... a Google search for my companys name? ... Can competitors use my company name in ... created by your competitors, but putting your own company name in your ... bid on your brand/name as a keyword. Online Store Want to provoke a competitors CEO? Hi Everyone, I think that my client's competitor is running Google Ads with my client's company name as part of their keywords in Google AdWords but I So, why not use